Sunday, May 13, 2012

Food Trucks: A fun low-cost entryway to the food business

For people who love food and are looking to enter the food industry without starting out with a tremendous debt might consider a specialized food truck.

Food trucks are becoming more and more exciting every day. For those of us who had ice cream trucks in our neighborhoods growing up, seeing a food truck sparks a fond memory of an exciting summer time treat.

Food trucks have gone from delivering icy treats to dishing out wood-fired pizza. Who knew?! I love innovation. This weekend, I was surprised by the delicious Margarita pizza made by Pitruco, a Philadelphia food truck with a wood-burning oven attached to its rear. The crust was nice and chewy with a smoky flavor from the oven.

The great taste and chew of the pizza was like icing on the cake. Before I had even taken one bite of my pizza, I was already pleased with my experience from watching the dough bubble in the hot wood-burning oven.

It's on my list to look into the cost of a wood-burning oven on a food truck. I would imagine that buying such a special oven for a food truck may be costly but I doubt that the expense compares to the heavy debt that usually comes with having a brick and mortar restaurant.

Delicious Pitruco Margarita Pizza!

Pizza Oven in the Rear

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Ronnie Walter said...

The garlic oil chips were certainly good at first. They were crunchy and healthy, but also sampled too high sodium. I didn't end up trying the truffle chips because I think truffle taste is useless.

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